Every project regardless of whether it is private or commercial needs time and thought to deliver something unique and special. Considering materials you can use is essential for achieving the required quality and giving your project the innovation and finish you are dreaming of.

And when it comes to tiling, the use of the appropriate luxury tiles can transform an environment into an eye-catching, inspiring spectacle immediately.

Naturally, luxury tiles should be comfortable under foot and match or contrast with the appropriate colours of your home. Some light and neutral tones create an impression of light and space in the room, while we offer many options of tiles to contrast with your décor or to simply just make a statement.

Elegance & Beauty

The aspect of beauty and durability need to be considered when selecting appropriate luxury tiles. Whether it is marble, mosaic, glass or metallic, the tiles you choose will create the ambience in your home so your lifestyle should be taken into account when making a choice.

To create a stylish and distinctive space using luxury tiles, it always works well to think about the focal point of the room. A large window, long wall or alcoves are all common options. A marble kitchen island is a great way to expand your work area and its upkeep is minimal compared to the enjoyment and elegant addition this natural material brings.

Your budget will definitely have an impact on the kind of luxury tile you choose but whichever you opt for, you can be sure that they will help to enhance the beauty of your home by providing a clean and stylish appearance without breaking the bank.

Luxury Bathroom Tiles

Luxury bathroom tiles are the latest trend in the bathroom design as well as renovations. With the aid of unique designs and digitally printed tiles, you can easily design a stunning, luxurious bathroom that will add value to your home and also create a beautiful space where you can reside along with your family.

Your bathroom should be designed in such a way that it becomes a haven, making it a perfect place to relax and recoup after a busy and stressful day. Luxury bathroom tiles can transform your bathroom into a calm and peaceful environment.

The colour chosen can set the mood or atmosphere in your bathroom because some colours tend to be warm and stimulating, while others soothe and relax. Consider the mood as well as atmosphere which you would like to create in your bathroom.

Mosaics are becoming a much more popular addition to a bathroom setting. Paired with a beautiful marble, the stone or glass mosaics can inspire a feeling of decadent practicality.

Kitchen Tiles

For a long time now, the cabinet colours of choice when it comes to kitchens have been white, grey, beige, black, or brown. Basically as long as it featured on the monochrome scale it was considered a safe option. Well, it would seem that we are done playing it safe in the kitchen and we are now seeing some really bold statement colours coming through.

Kitchens in deep navy blues, murky moss greens, jewel tones of teal and purple, and even the paler shades of the ‘ New Neutrals’ are becoming popular. These brave colour choices inject a lot more personality into our kitchens and really allow us to express our design tastes a lot more freely.

Taking things a step further, these colourful kitchens are often seen accompanied by statement metallic splash backs in hand hammered brass, copper or silver. Introducing these metals add a real touch of luxury in an unconventional way.

Recreational Tiles

While some may not consider them to be luxury, the resurgence of playful terrazzo tiles is being seen as a high end trend, especially as pool surrounds or patios.

Luxury can be formed from designs pieced together by mosaics as can be seen in the creation of new swimming pools, hammams or jacuzzis.

Luxury is always in the eye of the beholder and ultimately, everyone’s idea of it can vary.

There are clever ways of creating luxury without breaking the bank; just send us an email and let us know what’s on your mind……we can share our years of experience and create for you a luxury setting that you have dreamed of.