mosaic is an art form using small pieces of coloured stones, tiles, or glass to render an artful design.

Have a look at our versatile luxury mixed material tiles which we use to create impressively intricate designs.

The Mosaic tradition stretches from early Babylonian times through to the present day. Earliest examples were often worked in pebbles, but later tiny elements (tesserae) of stone, glass, ceramic, precious minerals and metal appeared. Mosaics were used throughout the ancient world to decorate domestic walls and floors

With the advent of water-jet cutting machines, came curvaceous designs that are so intricate they previously would have been cost-prohibitive. Now the patterns of even the most imaginative and ambitious designer can be brought to life. Each flowing design has certain modernity about it, but as many of the patterns cleverly play with historical references all the tiles are firmly rooted in the rich heritage of the decorative arts. We can reproduce ancient patterns or supply the latest audacious designs.

Pebble mosaics add an attractive feature as pool surrounds together with being safe underfoot, they offer a seamless extension into a garden. Glass mosaics are a fantastic addition as a kitchen splashback as they are non-porous and have the added bonus of having been recycled. Add a touch of luxury to a shower with stone or marble mosaic and Mother of Pearl accents. We have lots of ideas, you only need to ask.

We supply mosaics of a very high quality that are eco-friendly and add sophistication and glamour to bathrooms, kitchens and pools.  Marble, shell, limestone, ceramic, glass, creative tiles, pebbles, metallic and Mother of Pearl mosaics form tiles are used to give a beautiful and original appearance to houses.

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