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Bathroom Tiles Brighton. Thanks for visiting us at Aroha Tiles Brighton. We hope you’ve enjoyed visiting our site.


07383 562167


You can contact us via a number of ways such as by Phone on 07881831598, and also on 01273 387912. You can also E-mail us at

Aroha Tiles exists to help you create the beautiful space you have always wanted. Bathroom Tiles Brighton. Our Specialist finishes are both sophisticated and affordable and we aim to always help as many people as possible enjoy new and enriched surroundings. Aroha tiles. 

We offer many natural and handmade elements. These include Hand Hammered Metal floors and artefacts, Freshwater shell in many forms and beautiful hand painted tiles and panels.

Aswell as this we also offer the very best service and selection. Aswell as this, we also offer quality and value, so whether you are a designer or home owner, if there is something you have always wanted but cannot find, just ask us and we may well be able to source it for you. Bathroom Tiles Brighton. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed visiting our site, visiting our pages including our Products section, About us page, aswell as Our Blog.

At Arhoa Tiles we have a range of products available including Crystals, Hand Hammered Metals and Handpainted Ceramics. We also sell a range of other products including Handpainted panels, Marble and Metal, aswell as Marble Mosaics. In addition to this we also sell a range of other products. These include Marble Tiles, Mosaic Art and Mosaic Elegance. We also sell Shell tiles, Victorian aspects and we have a range of Table selections.

Feel free to have a look around the site and if you have any questions just give us a shout via email or over the phone. Thanks for visiting the site and we hope to hear from you soon! Many thanks, Maria and the team.