At Aroha Tiles, we really know our tiles and when it comes to mosaic tiles, we know them inside out.

Mosaic tiles are laid using lots of little tiles, glass or natural stones/shards (known as tesserae) and are one of the most decorative types of tiling. They can be used in almost any room, but certainly add character to bathrooms and kitchens.

Firstly mosaic tiles add flair to any room particularly if you use mirrored glass with well-placed lighting, the metallic shimmers against the natural stones showing that mosaic tiles can complement most decors; they brighten up any interior setting.

Another great feature of mosaic tiles is that they are resistant to chemicals making them an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms. They are durable and easy to keep clean; stains and smears can be removed easily. A simple solution of water and vinegar will bring up a gleaming shine in most instances. Glass mosaic tiles are nonporous which means mildew and mould does not form.

One of the big plus points of mosaic tiles is that they are extremely versatile. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and colours and because they are smaller in size, can be used to fill large, small and awkward spaces. Combining different types of mosaic tiles can add a certain amount of dramatic flair to your room as well as depth and a greater feeling of space.

Glass mosaic tiles are extremely environmentally sustainable, they are made from recycled glass and there is far less energy used in their creation than other traditional wall and flooring materials.

Mosaic flooring is generally very affordable. It’s certainly cheaper than marble, and if done right can look just as classy and opulent. It also has great longevity adding to its value for money proposition.

Finally, mosaic tiles are great for small spaces and rooms. Awkward spaces can be filled with something interesting; rooms can be made to look bigger using clever lighting. They can make the smallest, dingiest space look fabulous.

Mosaic tiles can be a great addition to any room. They allow for intricate design, innovative use of spaces, the effective use of lighting and for dramatic and eye catching features which add that final piece of glamour to any room.