We believe that natural stone is one of the most versatile and beautiful materials used for centuries for flooring, paving, indoor and outdoor cladding, worktops and fire surrounds. We have natural stone specialist knowledge making it easier for you to find the ideal materials for your project no matter how large or small.

The beauty and luxury of marble sets it apart as a natural material that can be used for a wide variety of architectural and design applications. Marble surroundings, prized for their rare beauty and extraordinarily harmonious colours, take on timeless uniqueness and personality.

The beauty of marble is intensified even more in modern design tiles which seem to radiate pure energy, and which fit in seamlessly with any living room décor, from the most classic to the trendiest of all. The most sophisticated houses’ exclusive style is a perfect match for marble.

Undeniably luxurious, marble is a welcome addition to any interior scheme. It’s particularly loved when featured in the bathroom, lending a calming timelessness to the most modest spaces. Given the choice, there’s nowhere in our house we’d rather be than taking a long, relaxing soak in the tub.

If it is elegance that you crave then look no further than this beautiful, versatile material which will bring natural sophistication to any room. Email us for inspiration.

We’re used to seeing large-scale tiles or slabs of marble, but smaller tiles can add interest, with the veins crashing into each other to form interesting patterns or book matching which will insure that the veins are exquisitely matched and meet seamlessly, creating a stunning effect for walls or floors. Go a step further and use different sizes and shapes of marble tile within the same space.

Marble on a kitchen island looks gorgeous, but if it is also continued down the sides, it turns it into a stunning focal point for the whole space. Similarly, a marble bath surround creates a stunning focal point in the room.

Thinking beyond kitchens and bathrooms, as marble is known for keeping cool (hence its use in pastry-making) so it creates an interesting tension when it’s used for cladding a chimney breast, it offers a sharp contrast to the warm brick interior of a fireplace, and makes an incredible focal point for the room.

For a seriously luxe look, clad the bedroom floor in marble. Keep the décor similarly pale so it doesn’t overshadow the polished stone.

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