We’re getting more touchy-feely as the trend to feature glamorous textures in our homes takes hold. Surfaces are increasingly dynamic, with tactile materials spicing up the aesthetic. Mixing textures create contrast and adds character, textures that wouldn’t have been considered 10 years ago are now featuring in homes with an eye for luxury, which lead us to introduce our bespoke metal range.

Metals are prized for their glamour and durability; it’s the quality of finish that’s important. We have artisans that produce ultra-luxurious German silver, brass, bronze or copper, hand beaten and assembled by hand.

We have briquettes that are metals applied onto premium waterproof and fire resistant backing; this product makes a truly stunning floor or wall covering.

To create metal tile patterns, the metal is beaten over a rough stone base to create unique texture and the decorative potential is extraordinary and boundless. For example the German silver briquettes can be laid in several different ways, brick bond or herringbone for a sophisticated but relaxed look, or parquet de Versailles which will create a sophisticated and formal look. Whether you want to create an extraordinary statement with a wall or a floor, or you just want a metal feature for textural contrast, just get in touch and we will help you find the perfect solution.

We also have a selection of metal tables, some hand beaten and others incorporating natural crystals for an even more luxurious look. The elegant gilt and granite tables come with optional finishes including gold, bronze and silver.

Other uses for our metals are cupboard doors in kitchens or bedrooms and we have even installed an open closet with no doors using metal as the back panel, with wooden shelves.

For an opulent bathroom, incorporate some of our beautiful marble with the uniqueness of a copper free-standing tub.