Shell & Mother of Pearl

//Shell & Mother of Pearl

Our range of these beautiful products are entirely natural and offer stunning exotic finishes in your choice of a lovely shell surface which is perfect in bathroom decor or kitchen backsplash

Mosaics from natural shell are the height of luxury adding shimmer and shine to any room and the natural iridescent and glittering marks on shells are deeply loved by customers.

Freshwater shell tiles are made of fresh river shells which are mostly white in colour with yellow pink speckles. The natural shells can be polished into different shapes such as rectangle, square, round, ellipse, diamond, and hexagon.

Sea shell tiles are made of natural sea shells which are mostly in black, green, yellow, brown, and white, they are mostly between 2 mm and 8 mm in thickness. For 8 mm tiles, these are 2 mm shell chips applied to a 6 mm base which is made of magnesia or porcelain.

Have you ever considered a feature wall or panel with shell mosaics? We have a stunning selection of shell tiles for your kitchen backsplash, bathroom and shower. A mother of pearl tile backsplash adds that element of exotic and beauty style to a bathroom or kitchen.

A great aspect about mother of pearl tiles is their versatility. You can use these tiles on a variety of flat surfaces. Due to advances in manufacturing, these tiles can be shaped and cut in different styles. Mother of pearl tiles are iridescent and radiate an unmatched sheen, perfect for decorative surfaces. Pearl shell tiles are suitable for bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes and flooring installations.

Shell tiles can be used in almost any place you may imagine. Shell mosaic tiles are made of natural pearl shell, no industrial waste or energy are used in manufacturing these beautiful shell mosaic tiles, thus qualifying as green products.  You can use them on the walls, floors, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, table tops, sauna places, etc. You can even use them on furniture.

We can supply shell in an infinite variety of colours, textures and patterns. Tiles and panels are made to order and shell inlay work, including furniture and screens, is also undertaken by special commission.

100% natural, eco-friendly and easy to install.