The eco-friendly and natural materials trend is bringing in a new era in home design. It’s showing that we can be more responsible as consumers, both in regard to the planet and our own health

There is a reason why natural materials never really go out of fashion. They are amazing neutrals and give an instant feeling of luxury and style to any space.

Natural materials are inherently more eco-friendly than their artificial counterparts, The best part is that natural materials look amazing whether you use just one, or decide to mix several. Because they are always trendy, they also tend to give the space a timeless elegance. Marble, metal, shell, crystal, glass and terracotta, all come in shades and shapes that will fit into virtually any colour scheme you come up with and enhance it, creating a sophisticated aesthetic.

For a modern, sleek appeal, metals are ideal; a rustic aesthetic is very suited to ceramic and terracotta; elegance and style are easily created with shell or Mother of Pearl, all of these materials are a little bit unique, giving your home some much-needed character, without being overwhelming.